A Lofty Goal + 2%

A Lofty Goal + 2%

In the fall of 2016, a friend asked me if I would like to buy her business.  “Why not?” I thought.  My family did some painting and we invested in a little stock to sell.  We put some change in the cash register and prepared for the opening day.

On September 1st, we anxiously anticipated greeting our first customer.  We were excited about “playing shop”…until the creepiest/biggest guy came through the door of our tiny store.  He wasn’t there to make a purchase.  He was trying to sell some junk (literally garbage).  He was also quite scary.  It definitely was not the fun first encounter that I had hoped for.

We then had another discouraging visitor.  A man came in to buy some honey.  Let’s call him Bill Bummer.  While he was in the store, he went on and on about how we wouldn’t last long.  He just knew the doors would close within weeks.  Bill did not realize that his dismissive and discouraging tone would light a fire under me.  He made me MAD!  Mr. Bummer underestimated my stubbornness. 

There was yet a third person who unknowingly stoked my anger.  This man is a business owner who I have known for at least 25 years.  When he found out about our small business he said to me, “so is it a little hobby for you?”  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! 

Despite these three fellows, I decided to set a lofty goal.  I decided that if the Lord allowed us to stay in this building for at least five years, then we would have annual sales of $_____________ in the fifth year.  It’s not important that I share the number.  It is important to tell you that:

  • We met that lofty sales goal that I set over five years ago!
  • We surpassed the lofty goal by 2%!
  • Not only were we able to stay in the building for five years…we bought it! :)


God has blessed us!  I have learned that it is important to set SPECIFIC goals.  These goals need to be shared and written down.  This makes them real.  It makes us accountable.

“What’s next?” you may ask.  The next set of goals is under construction...


*IMPORTANT NOTE – Bill Bummer is now one of my favorite customers!  I have never told him how irritated I was with him those first few months.  We have learned to love his grumpiness and have found that he actually has a good sense of humor.  Thank you, Bill, for making me mad enough not to quit!


**ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE – I know that I am writing about three grumpy guys here.  This in no way is an accurate representation of our customer base.  We have the most pleasant customers.  They are (almost always) a joy. 😊  Thanks to everyone for helping us reach our goals!
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Never underestimate a determined woman Mr. BUMMER.
Very proud of this entrepreneur!

Bobby Grant

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