Curbside/Outdoor Service Only

Shelley Bryant

Beginning today, March 30th, we will be doing curbside/outdoor service only.  We know that this will be inconvenient for some shoppers, but we feel it is necessary due to the increase in Covid-19 cases in Middle Tennessee.  We want to protect our employees and our community as much as possible. 

We will help you shop over the phone, and then collect credit/debit card payment over the phone.  This works best if you plan ahead.  Please make a curbside request here:

Curbside Pickup Request

This will allow us to have your order ready in advance so that you will not have to wait.  If you need help with a Storage Building, our displays are available for your viewing.  We can also help you with these via phone/email.

Thank you for supporting our Small Business!

Shelley Bryant


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