I Bought an Amish Store!

I Bought an Amish Store!

Well, for those of you that already know me, you might be surprised to learn that I recently took over an existing Amish store.  I knew that God had some changes for me in the works, but this was no where on my radar.  I had recently resigned from my job where I had happily worked for many years.  I was ready for a change.  However, after only one week of being primarily a stay-at-home mom, I received a call from an old friend (old friendship, not an old person :).  She was selling her business of thirteen years, and wanted me to take it over.  After God quickly opened some doors, I took over the business on September 1st, 2016! 

After some debate within our household, we decided to rename the store Bryant's Country Store (FYI...we will be changing the signs soon).  My nine-year-old wanted to name it Cornbread's Store in honor of my husband's nickname, but I did not want to mislead all of the cornbread fans out there...I am not serving cornbread.  I do want to reassure all of the great customers that have frequented Miller's Amish Country Store that I intend on continuing to sell all of the great Amish food products that Beverly has sold all of these years.  However, I do want to add some other great products including Cumberland Valley Coffee, and hope to add deli sandwiches soon.  Of course, we will continue to sell quality Amish built barns, playsets, gazebos, etc. 

I hope that you will stop by to visit us.  We will be announcing a grand re-opening date soon.  Please spread the word about our new store, and please like us on Facebook!

Shelley Bryant

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