What's Her Name?

What's Her Name?

What do you call her?

Is she Mom?




I would bet that most of our Tennessee friends call her “Mama.”

No matter what her name is…please remember her on Mother’s Day.  It’s almost here.

The days leading up to Mother’s Day are an exciting time of the year at Bryant’s Country Store!  There is so much to do.  There are lots of flowers to water and items to stock.  Perhaps most importantly, we are here to help you pick out the most beautiful flower baskets!

It’s always interesting seeing how people select flower baskets for their mother/wife/grandmother/mother-in-law.  Some folks agonize over the decision.  They want to make sure that each person gets their favorite color. 

Women seem to take the most time when selecting flowers for other people (especially for their mother-in-law).  However, women usually shop quickly when looking for themselves.  When they see what they truly like, they grab it!

Men USUALLY shop faster.  If they need six flower baskets, they will typically stand in one spot and point to six different baskets.  They are very efficient shoppers.   😊

Well…however you shop, we encourage you to shop early for the best selection.



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