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Jarred Goods - Regular Triple Pack

Jarred Goods - Regular Triple Pack

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Get your favorites shipped right to your door!  Choose any three!  Prices vary with the options that are chosen.


Options include:

Traffic Jam

Amish Wedding Blackberry Jam                                

Amish Wedding Seedless Blackberry Jam

Bryant's Berry Bash Jam (Blackberry, Red Raspberry, Black Raspberry)            

Amish Wedding Peach Jam

B-E-A-R Jam (Blackberry, Elderberry, Apple, Red Raspberry)                                       

Amish Wedding Strawberry Jam                               

Christmas Jam (Strawberries & Cranberries)        

Amish Wedding Hot Pepper Jam                                              

Amish Wedding Jalapeno Jelly                                   

Amish Wedding Peach Jalapeno Jam                       

Amish Wedding Strawberry Jalapeno Jam            

Amish Wedding Banana Strawberry Jam               

Amish Wedding Seedless Red Raspberry Jam      

Amish Wedding Blueberry Jam

Amish Wedding Apricot Jam   

Amish Wedding Strawberry Rhubarb Jam                              

Amish Wedding Concord Grape Jelly                                                                                   

Amish Wedding Strawberry Jelly                                                  

Amish Wedding Black Cherry Jam                             

Amish Wedding Peach Preserves                             

Amish Wedding Strawberry Preserves                   

Amish Wedding Blackberry Preserves                    

Amish Wedding Apple Butter    

No Sugar Added Apple Butter                                              

No Sugar Added Cherry Jam

No Sugar Added Seedless Blackberry Jam             

No Sugar Added Peach Jam                                         

No Sugar Added Strawberry Jam                              

Wildflower Honey (One Pound)                                

Clover Honey (One Pound)                                                                                         


Cooper’s Mill Cherry Bourbon Habanero Jam                      

Cooper’s Mill Ghost Pepper Jam                               

Amish Wedding Apple Butter BBQ Sauce              

Amish Wedding Candied Jalapeno BBQ Sauce     

Amish Wedding Zesty Peach BBQ Sauce                

Amish Wedding Candied Jalapenos                         

Amish Wedding Red Sweet Pepper Relish            

Amish Wedding Hot Pepper Relish     

Amish Wedding Green Tomato Relish

Amish Wedding Sweet Pickled Garlic

Amish Wedding Mild Banana Peppers

Amish Wedding Hot Banana Peppers                 

Amish Wedding Mild Chow-Chow                           

Amish Wedding Hot Chow-Chow                                                                               

Roasted Garlic Mustard                                                

Hot Jalapeno Mustard    

Sweet Mustard                                              

Amish Wedding Peach Salsa                                       

Amish Wedding Hot Peach Salsa                               

Amish Wedding Mild Salsa                                          

Amish Wedding Medium Salsa                                  

Amish Wedding Hot Salsa                                            

Amish Wedding Black Bean Salsa                              

Amish Wedding Cherry Salsa                                      

Mrs. Renfro’s Green Salsa                                           

Amish Made Carolina Reaper Salsa                          

Amish Made Ghost Pepper Salsa                              

Amish Made Hot Garden Salsa                                   

Amish Made Fire Roasted Salsa                                 

Amish Made Mango Salsa                                            

Smooth Natural Peanut Butter                                  

Crunchy Natural Peanut Butter                 

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